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How Much?

Square footage of home Price
Up to 1,500 sq. ft $300
1,501-2,250 sq. ft $325
2,251-3,000 sq. ft $350
3,001-3,750 sq. ft $375
3,751-4,250 sq. ft $400
4,251-4,500 sq. ft $425
4,500-4,750 sq. ft $450
Larger Homes Call for pricing

********Irrigation systems are included in your inspection.
********Foreclosures- Add $100 to price.
********Homes older than 1970 may be charged extra.
*******Ask about a cash discount when you schedule!!
If the home you are purchasing is vacant please ensure all utilities are on prior to the inspection. An extra charge will be incurred for additional visits to the home.

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